Alantros Survival available on Google Play

Hi all,

I made a text-based adventure for Android, already available on Google Play. It’s something between a choose your own adventure book and a MUD (without the multiplayer). I’d love to hear opinions about it, and also I’m badly in need of a translator/corrector, since I’m from Spain and the english translation is not that good.

The setting of the game is loosely based on Elantris (Brandon Sanderson’s novel): you have been afflicted by the Curse. Your flesh is dark, your hair is gone, your heart has stopped and your mind starts a long but steady path to madness. As every other human affected by the Curse, you’re locked in the former magnificient city of Alantros, which is also affected by the Curse and now it’s a city in ruins, its buildings collapsed and the streets filled with debris. Your goal is to lift the Curse, or at least, to find a way to flee the city!

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