Alabaster - Question

went to replay this nice little game and read a few more endings. it seems like i’ve covered about 16 of them. i am not sure if i can do what i’m trying to do…i do not want to spoil the fun of this game by using a walkthrough to find out (1) i can’t do what i’m trying to do or (2) i am off by a word or two.


[spoiler]Is there anyway I can show my blood to Snow White/Lilith? If so, is there a different response to showing blood before knowing Snow White is possessed by Lilith and after knowing she is possessed?
I have tried showing my wound to Snow, wiping my wound on Snow, filling the box with blood and showing it to Snow, etc. Nothing works, and if it wasn’t for the first sentence after the command to cut self ("If you drew blood, would it attract her to feed?), I wouldn’t be trying so hard.

Please tell me either the correct words to use or if this task is impossible.[/spoiler]


Sorry, no – there’s not really a way to go with that.

thanks for the prompt answer.
5 minutes of gametime wasted–but you know it is a good game when probably ten times that amount of time was spent thinking about the situation while not in front of the computer screen…