Alabaster / Missing Extensions

I’m trying to learn how to do complex conversation systems that drive plot. I’ve finally felt brave enough to tackle the source code to Alabaster given my knowledge of I7 at this point. ( … ource.html) However, I see it has this line:

Include Threaded Conversation by Emily Short.

I can’t find this anywhere. Since the whole game is predicated upon conversation, I’m worried about missing a whole segment that’s necessary for learning. (This extension is also mentioned in the book “Creative Writing With Inform 7” but the book does say it wasn’t public at the time of publishing.)

I also see these listed in the source:

Include Collage Tools by Emily Short.
Include Gesture Variations by Emily Short.

I can’t find those either.

Is it worth the time going through the code of Alabaster if some of the main extensions are missing? Or am I just not aware of where these things are? Beta extensions, maybe?

My vague recollection is that Alabaster is an old game. Even with the extensions, it might not compile under the current rev of I7 … but you could always email Emily and ask about the extensions.

Have you looked at Eric Eve’s conversation package? IMO, that’s the way to go.

As of November, Threaded Conversations hadn’t been publicly released. A little discussion here.

Thanks, guys. If the extensions haven’t been released even after eight months or so and if Alabaster won’t even compile if they were available, I think I’ll take a look at the Conversation extensions instead as suggested.

Bumping an old thread. Has anyone put together a working set of extensions to build Alabaster on modern Inform 7? I think it’s worth trying to put up on github. Or, can someone else recommend a similar story with source code that has multiple conversation and basic illustration graphics?

Threaded Conversations was released a few years ago, but I’m pretty sure Alabaster used more private extensions.

But you can take a look at Counterfeit Monkey: