AKA: Sammy the Blade (requesting feedback)

Just finished work on a short text game and wanted to hear some opinions. It’s a browser-based mystery where you gather clues to find a fugitive among the guests at a hotel. The interface is choice-based with an IF-style world model behind the scenes. The mystery itself is procedurally generated, with a different set of clues and solution for each play.

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Nice game. I finished it in about 30 minutes.

Not very difficult. I picked the suspect on the first try at the end.

Good narrative and fun to play.

When finished, you should consider listing it in IFDB.

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Thanks! I’ll definitely add it to IFDB at some point.

The difficulty can vary a little. I think the easiest possible game can be solved with three clues, e.g., The fugitive has brown hair; the brown-haired guest has green eyes; John Smith has green eyes. In some cases, it’s difficult enough that I have to jot down a logic table to work through it.

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