AGS on iOS

Came across this while investigating something else, and thought it might be interesting to some folks here. … ic=46040.0

And Android as well. And Wadjet Eye Games are looking out to fund a Mac OS X porter.

Another non-IF thingy that some IF enthusiasts might like to have on their iPads: Brogue.

Brogue is also on PC and is fun and avoids the interface clunkiness you get with most roguelikes.

Brogue looks awesome. And I’m very sad it doesn’t run on iPhone/iPod.

Re original topic: amazing. I’ve been seriously out of the AGS loop, it was only recently I found it it’d become open source. I guess this is what comes out of open-sourcing, which is great, but it’s still weird for AGS not to be CJ/Pumaman’s baby anymore… I guess it’s all grown up now .