AGS games?

I never have even dipped my toes in the hobby Adventure Game world, but somehow I found a link to this game today (that’s what happens when you stay home sick!):

In La Croix Pan, you are an American paratrooper who needs to defend a small town on D-Day. It’s quite short and a lot of fun, an entertaining mix of retro Adventure Game and some non-conventional gameplay as well.

Any other AGS games (or other Adventure Game system games) to recommend?

Check out Ben Croshaw’s AGS games - ‘Five Days a Stranger’, ‘Seven Days a Skeptic’, ‘The Trilby Files’ and ‘Six Days a Sacrifice’. Play them in that order.

Since you’re getting yourself into graphical adventure games, you might also want to try others not made with AGS - try “Nathan’s Second Chance”, any of Deirdra Kiai’s games, and “Out of Order”.

There’s also the homebrewed games from Jonas Kyratzes - “Museum of Broken Memories” is a good one, if you’re a bit fond of Myst-like games.

‘Out of Order’ is good.

Oh, and I forgot ‘Pleurghburg: Dark Ages’ which is another AGS game that I found to be fun (though it doesn’t seem to be everyone’s cup of tea).