After rule—without suppressing the default reply


I am trying to write an “after jumping” rule and I would like to also keep the default report “You jump on the spot.” reply. How do I do this?

(Example from 187. Police State—Writing with Inform):

After jumping in the presence of the policeman: end the story saying "The policeman arrests you!"

Shouldn’t the following work?

After jumping in the presence of the policeman: continue the action; end the story saying "The policeman arrests you!"

Does “continue the action” refer only to the carry out part of the action? How do I include the report?

If I’m not mistaken, “continue the action” ends the rule that’s executing right then and there and goes to the next rule that applies. If there were another After rule that applied, it would go to that rule; otherwise it would go to the Report stage. So in the example you give, the “end the story” will never fire, because before you get there the “continue the action” phrase moves you along to the Report jumping rules.

The usual thing would be to do whatever your After jumping rule does and put “continue the action” at the end. If you want to end the story that might be a bit more complicated, since that presumably ends the story. (On the other hand, anything you do that ends the story should really get a fancier response than the standard message you get from the standard Report jumping rule, so that might better belong in the After rule anyway.)

To clarify things:

What I get is:

While, what I want to achieve is this:

And I want to use the default report from the “jump” action, not to fake it by duplicating it manually, as in:

After jumping in the presence of the policeman: say "You jump on the spot.[paragraph break]The policeman arrests you for forgery of the default report."

Perhaps a “last report” rule would help?

Yes, that’s probably easiest.

… unless you want to define a range of actions which lead to arrest (i.e. a kind of action). Then you’d want to use an After rule, since Report rules can’t be used for kinds of actions. In that case, my solution would be something like this:

Jumping is disorderly behaviour.
Singing is disorderly behaviour.
After disorderly behaviour in the presence of the policeman:
	follow the report stage rule;
	end the story saying "The policeman arrests you."

Edit: To answer the second part of your question, this is what the manual has to say about “continue the action”:

So no, it won’t help you to do what you want to do.

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