After pressing the release button

the gblorb file is not in the folder that it says it should be in.

ill copy and paste the output of what i7 says. The release subfolder is completely empty.


Packaging up for Release - Succeeded

Peril in Pleasantville Materials
Peril in Pleasantville.gblorb

All went well. I’ve put the released material into the ‘Release’ subfolder of the Materials folder for the project: you can take a look with the menu option Release > Open Materials Folder or by clicking the blue folders above.

Releases can range in size from a single blorb file to a medium-sized website. Here’s what we currently have:

•The blorb file Peril in Pleasantville.gblorb (897086K in size, including 1921 figures(s) and 0 sound(s))
Here are some other possibilities you might want to consider:

•Using ‘Release along with cover art’, to provide something more distinctive than the default artwork above
•Using ‘Release along with a website’
•Using ‘Release along with an interpreter’, for in-browser play on your website
•Using ‘Release along with the “Such-and-Such” file called “whatever.pdf”’, perhaps to add a manual, or a welcoming note
•Using ‘Release along with the source text’
•Using ‘Release along with a solution’
•Using ‘Release along with the library card’

Did you try clicking the links in the output message? That should open them.

Nah, all that does is give you different options you can use in the release of a game. I tried it with a smaller test game and after it printed out the similar message as the one posted I clicked on the top release tab and then it created that gblorb. When I try doing that with the release this post is about a small window pops up and says out of memory. That has been a problem for awhile now, I keep having to copy and past the file because I get a window popping up that says out of memory and it deletes the file. I posted about that problem here:[url]]

so just be clear on what i’m doing I press the purple release button, after what seems like an eternity it prints out the message I put in the original post, the gblorb is not in the release folder at that point. If I then press the release drop down tab from the top and then click the release option a window pops up saying “out of memory” at that point you cant save or do anything. you exit out of inform and now the file is 0kb. I then have to copy the backed up file I have in another place and replace the now 0kb one. My computer has 8 gigs on memory so I really doubt I am out of memory.

I have an older computer I may dig out (windows xp) and try it on and see if it works.

You could try the suggestion I made in the last reply on that post…

Ok I am filling in the bug report and I am at step 4 the part where you ask to have the part of the source code that causes the error to happen. The problem is the source text is completely gigantic, (417,560 words long). The problem seems to happen most when a part comes up where a figure is shown. there are alot of them. I wouldn’t know where to begin as far as copying and pasting source into the bug form. if you want I can save the source code into a few txt files and attach it.

Don’t copy and paste your whole project into the online form! The suggestion in the other thread was to email the source, not to shoehorn it into the Mantis interface. Mantis is good for bugs that have not been reported yet, which you can reproduce in a few lines.

Generally, if you can’t figure out how to reproduce your bug in a short demo game, it’s not likely that anyone else will be able to make sense of it. The case of memory overflow may be an exception, but I still wouldn’t recommend pasting the full source into Mantis. Just describe the problem and mention that you’re emailing some files, and mention the bug number in your email.

Yes, that’s big :slight_smile:The best thing is probably to zip up the whole project and either put it up on the Internet somewhere, or email it to me (my email address is in BugReport.txt).

I’ll get on that tomorrow most likely. I did try it on a older win xp computer and after pressing release after quite some time it ran out of memory as well.

mail sent