After doing a newly created action...

I’m sure I’ve been over this before, but why does the below return a problem message, saying ‘stepping on the bin pedal’ does not make sense as an action?

A bin pedal is a part of the tall black trash bin. The description is "This is the contraption that opens the bin when you step on it." Stepping on it is an action applying to one touchable thing and requiring light. Understand "step on [something]" as stepping on it. Check stepping on it: if the noun is enclosed by the player: instead say "That needs to be on the ground before you can step on it."; otherwise: if the noun is not the bin pedal: instead say "You touch it tentatively with your foot; you determine that it's safe." After stepping on the bin pedal: if the black trash bin is open: say "You need to close the trash bin again, Tommy, before the pedal can work its magic."; otherwise: say "You step on the pedal, and the bin's lid flies open to reveal its secrets..."; now the black trash bin is open. Instead of opening the trash bin: try stepping on the bin pedal.


False alarm. I should have created the verb as ‘Stepping on’ rather than ‘Stepping on it’. After removing the ‘it’ from the code, it works perfectly, thanks anyway.

Yes, “It” is used for actions that require two nouns and the like, to mark the place where the first noun goes. So you have “unlocking it with,” so Inform knows we’re supposed to write “unlocking the door with the key”; but when you have an action applying to only one thing, you don’t need “it,” because Inform knows that the noun goes at the end.

Thanks–I figured the ‘it’ had something to do with it.