Advice on Mobile Platforms for Foreign Language Gamebook


My organization wants to create an interactive fiction game in the style of a CYOA gamebook. It would be for language training. Any recommendations? Our requirements are:

-Final output works on iOS and Android
-Supports foreign language fonts such as Arabic, Cyrillic, Japanese and Chinese (preferably Unicode-compliant so we aren’t dealing with different charsets)
-Interaction would be through clickable choices rather than text input
-Content can be entered by laypeople in the design phase without requiring programming experience
-Must be able to buy/license the platform so that the app is branded with the name of our organization.

We’ve looked at, but I don’t think it supports all the languages we need.

Any information appreciated.

Sounds a lot like Twine. It’s completely free, incredibly simple, and makes a web page which can be displayed on anything with internet. I’m guessing you can just type in other character sets and they’ll display fine since it’s web-based, but you’ll want to check that out.

Owner of here… Language support shouldn’t be an issue - Quest is Unicode throughout. Happy to talk with you more about your requirements though, so please email me at and I’ll see if I can help you out!