[Adventuron] Pronoun 'it' unrecognized

Version 1.0.0 Beta 65d
After a typing error, having typed ‘iy’ instead of ‘it’, the pronoun ‘it’ is not recognised in the next entry:

> x closet
It’s wide open.
>close iy
This game does not require use of the word “iy”.
> close it
This game does not require use of the word “it”.

I’m only guessing here, but even though ‘iy’ was not understood, it probably uses that as the most recently used noun. I have had similar problems with ‘it’, even when it is not misspelt.

Garry is correct, but I’ll probably fix “it” in the next release.

Here’s an example of what I meant above when I said I’ve regularly had a problem with ‘it’.

You take the jumper.
You put the jumper inside the foot locker.
You can't take that.

In the last command, I think ‘it’ refers to the locker. (You can’t take the locker, because it’s scenery.) So it looks like ‘it’ refers to the last noun (either noun1 or noun2), not just noun1. I’m not sure if this is the right thing to do or not, but it certainly doesn’t feel right to me and had me confused.

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Resolved in beta 65e.

Confirmed fixed for the example I gave. Now if only it understood plurals (GET THEM) and gender (EXAMINE HIM, TALK TO HER).