[Adventuron] Doc Question (And Ref Guide Typo)

Hello! I noticed the on_tick() example has the wrong example:

Also! I was wondering if there was a complete reference guide with all of the experimental commands and extra features as well. And is the reference guide available outside of the editor?

Thank you!

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Adventuron is a work in progess… as is the documentation. Chris does a great job at updating it when he changes stuff in the system but there will always be a few things left in there from earlier versions… There used to be different on_describe and on_tick sections in the engine. (They mimicked the PAW which has similar distinct “process tables”).

Replace the on_describe in the example with on_tick and that example will be fine. (Although in a real use case, you wouldn’t really want to print the “You shiver” line each tick so might include a chance check etc)

The documentation is here…

Experimental stuff is experimental… subject to change and therefore (largely) not documented as far as I know. (Except for any examples that are included in the current documentation)

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Thank you, yes! Sorry, the typo part of the post was more for flagging it. If there is an official process to point out spelling mistakes or errors, by all means, I’ll follow it.

And I totally understand that Adventuron is a work in progress. I was hoping to find more resources to pull from.

I’m all for self help, personally, so I’ve been scouring the internet. Been reading Chris’ articles, looking up youtube videos, looked on Reddit, and the tweet’s, etc. I’ve been happy to find that the posts are recent! A lot of things I’ve found was by opening up other games. For example, I remembered seeing graphics aligned to the left of an object and wondered how that was done (and eventually found it).

I noticed there were versions for Adventuron, so I was also wondering if there were version lists and updates as well. Good way to see if new commands were added.

So if anyone has any other sources or links I can look through, I’m all game. Thank you!

You may find the discussion forums for past Adventuron game jams useful…

Cavejam - https://itch.io/jam/cavejam/community
Halloween Jam - https://itch.io/jam/adventuron-halloween-jam/community
Treasure Hunt Jam - https://itch.io/jam/treasure-hunt/community
Next Jam - https://itch.io/jam/next-adventure-jam

Ooooh! I never delved into the jams so didn’t think of those forums! Thank you!

There is, or was, a Telegram group for Adventuron, which is largely technical chit-chat as far as I remember. Details in the forum for the last game jam (next adventure jam). Or if you ask questions here then Chris is generally quick to respond.

Oh wow, I don’t even know what “Telegram” is!

I’ve just read through the forums for the first two game jams, and I see Chris has release notes in there!

Lot of fun stuff in here, so I’ll continue plowing through. Thank you!

I see that you’ve discovered the Telegram chat and the game jam forums. There’s some really good info in the latter, but people tend to forget about it once the game jam is finished.

Telegram is good if you want an immediate answer because you can load it onto your mobile phone, but this forum is probably better if you want to browse past questions and answers. People are starting to use it a bit more now.