Adventuron: Creating An 8 Bit Game With Graphics Tutorial

It seems to be a bug in the mapper.

I can’t fix this until the weekend.

I didn’t know you were using 8 bit compatibility mode.

A workaround is to use a junk word as a leading adjective. The second word in an object or scenery id is allocated as the noun. For the DAAD mapper, the adjective is effectively thrown away (as of the current implementation).

This of course is only to work around this bug, and is not recommended as correct programming practise.

   mouse    : object "* A tiny mouse" at = "loc9" ;
   key      : object "* A silver key" ;
   axe      : object "* An axe" at = "loc5" ;
   aaa_mother : scenery "* Mother is here" at = "loc3" ;
   children : object "* The Children, Peter and Mary, are here." at = "loc12" ;
   giant    : scenery "* The --- G I A N T ---" at = "loc11" ;
   egg      : object "* The GOLDEN EGG" at = "loc11" ;
   bean   : object "* A bean" at = "loc3" ;
   giant_bean  : object "* A giant beanstalk" ;
   open_door   : scenery "* An open door" ;
   broken_door   : scenery "* A broken door" ;
   bbb_mother : scenery "* Mother is here holding the GOLDEN EGG." ;
   ccc_mother : scenery "* Mother is here with THE CHILDREN." ;

Would it not just be easier to have one object as bean and the other as beanstalk… as would have no doubt been implemented in the original Quill game, had it had five letter support. Wanting to refer to both as “bean” seems to be the issue.

(It’s odd to see you going from Quill to Adventuron to DAAD when going from Quill to DAAD would be so straightfoward and elegant; but I guess you want an Adventuron version too)

If you map the beanstalk to BEAN then it won’t work on the DAAD… Unlike the Quill, which matches the first four letters, DAAD will match the first five.

If I knew what I wanted, I wouldn’t do it.

I wonder why everything is always so laborious. I will correct that.

I believe I will have a full shipping container of ZX Spectrum Next - Issue 2 delivered to your door.

Bean and beans[talk] are defined as adjectives in DAAD, why wouldn’t that work?

BEAN   50   noun
BEANS  50   noun

Having them defined like that will work, yes; as they don’t exist at the same time.