AdventureX London 19th - 20th November (Schedule up + Twitch

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in announcing this here but AdventureX will return to London on November 19th - 20th at Goldsmiths University New Cross.

AdventureX is the UK’s longest running convention dedicated to narrative-driven gaming. Now in its 6th year, AdventureX is a free event bringing together developers & gamers with a passion for interactive storytelling.

Encompassing everything from retro pixel-hunts to rich, branching narratives, AdventureX is celebration of creativity, indie development and geek culture.

The schedule is now up at:


We’ve booked a room at a nearby pub after each day, using your AdventureX wristband will get you in.

( I was made aware that Saturday clashes with Wordplay, it’s unfortunate and Wordplay have already been in contact, and we’re going to do our best to avoid clashes etc when we schedule. So if you’re planning on applying for spaces and want to go to Wordplay on Sat please indicate you’re only free on Sunday - then come tell me about it. I’m jealous!)

Sounds interesting. I’d like to go as a visitor. How does it work, do I just turn up or is there registration. thanks.

Just turn up! We may ask people to sign in when they arrive but no pre-booking for visitors.

We’re doing pretty well on the Kickstarter, only a few quid off funding a documentary about the weekend! We’re talking to special guests now, I’m pretty excited about the speakers we have.

I missed it last year, totally attending this November! :slight_smile:

Hope to see many of you people there.

We’ve announced the first batch of speakers: … ts/1685254

Whoa great to see this is going strong, as someone who sopped up the old videos posted here:

Thanks yep we made a bit effort to step things up. We should be streaming on Twitch this year and they’ll be a few folks filming ( a documentary was a stretch goal).

In fact I totally forgot to update this thread with our special guest list:
Charles Cecil (Managing Director: Revolution Software)
Alexis Kennedy (Designer & Writer: Sunless Sea, Fallen London –
Jan “Poki” Müller-Michaelis (Creative Director: Daedalic Entertainment)
Rhianna Pratchett (Writer: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Overlord –
Ellie Gibson (Gaming Expert: Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit & Podcaster: Scummy Mummies)
Richard Cobbett (Journalist & Writer: The Long Journey Home –
Emily Short (Writer: Galatea, Blood & Laurels –
John Walker (Senior Editor: Rock, Paper, Shotgun & Podcaster: Rum Doings)
Dave Gilbert (Designer & Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games)
We will also be joined by comedian John Robertson performing the critically-acclaimed live-action edition of his YouTube hit The Dark Room (“This is the future of gaming” – Ron Gilbert).

We’ll update with the schedule as soon as we can, we still have a few people’s schedules to confirm. It’s free so please stop by!

Just ( belatedly) updated with the schedule.