AdventureX 2015 - Adventure games con London 12+13th Dec

After fun and games wrangling a venue we’re back for our fifth year! London December 12+13th at Goldsmiths Uni New Cross.
Website is up at:

For those of you who haven’t been before AdventureX is an adventure games convention held annually in London, there’s usually some sort of IF presence there every year ( gamebooks, Inkle) . Entry is free so even if you don’t fancy the whole day please feel free to drop in and say hi.

If you wish to exhibit or talk sign up forms will be up soon, please note unlike previous years we have a smaller space allocated for the event so keep an eye out for the submission requirements . That said if you don’t get the talk slot or table you want please feel free to load up your work onto a laptop or tablet in case you get chatting to interesting folks, we’ve booked the cafe for the duration of the event so feel free to getting chatting to folks and share your work that way.

*Video-game exhibitors, developers, publishers and related trades & skills
*Specialist talks on game design, adventure games & related subjects!
*Game demonstrations and hands-on adventure gaming!
*Special guest talks and other interactive features!

Sorry for the late notice finding a venue has been difficult, we’ll try to record the talks and if possible livestream.*

  • Depending on the internet, equipment and staff.

Hope some of you can drop by, please spread the word!

We’re still confirming special guests, so if you have any ideas ( or contacts) feel free to ping me some ideas.

I plan to be there.

Yay! I’ll post about this to the Oxford/London IF Meetup.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll be there too!

Awesome, exhibition and talk applications are now open.

Reminder it’s this weekend, we’re also going to try and livestream as well ( we won’t know for sure if the venue internet supports it, until we try to test it on Friday)/