AdventureX 2014?

Is anyone going to AdventureX this December in London? I’m wondering if there will be much of an IF presence at all. From the looks of the website, it’ll be all graphical adventures. I’ll go anyway, since I also am enjoying a lot of point-and-clickers these days, but it would be nice to meet some IF people. I missed last year’s meetup since I had just moved here the week before but this year I’m keen to check it out. (warning: it seems some audio/video automatically plays on the site)

I don’t have plans to speak there as I did last year, so I’m undecided at the moment. I’m more likely to go if there are other IF folk are also attending, though.

I’ll be going. I went last year and had a blast. I heartily recommend it.

I’m sure it’s pretty easy to get a time slot, so if there are enough of us we could even bag a room for an hour and discuss something… like the IFComp or New Developments in Interactive Fiction? It’d be good outreach.

If there’s enough interest to get a slot, then I’ll put it on the Oxford/London Meetup calendar, which might bag us a few more attendees from that group, and also bring my IF Outreach Kit. (Okay, not actually all that extensive, but I do still have some of the “how to play IF” postcards left over and a few other things.)

I wouldn’t really have anything to talk about since I’ve missed out on, oh, the past two years or so of developments in IF (was finishing a PhD). But, if something IF-related will be organized, I would certainly attend it.

I’ll almost certainly be there again. The talks are usually of general enough interest that you can get something out of them even if you don’t “do” graphics.

Hello! I’m one of the organisers I did post but my post has just gotten bumped off the main page. IF people are more than welcome to speak and exhibit, I find it really healthy to have people from different areas get involved, some point and click people can get stuck in styles and formats and I think the experimentation in IF is a really healthy thing for people to learn about. For example last year someone suggested we drop inventory from games, seems an obvious variant but actually something a lot of folks overlook.
If there’s no IF presence on the site at the moment it’s probably because we haven’t had many IF submissions yet. Rest assured you’re more than welcome to speak and exhibit. Most of our talks are fairly open and cover topics like storytelling, dialogue etc that would be relevant. I believe Jon from Inkle is speaking again this year, and I always enjoy his talks. I believe one of the visual novel devs is back also.

Joey - if you’re up for organising that feel free to submit an event on the site :slight_smile: if you want an hour please ask for that as most panels/talks are 30 mins but by all means go for longer if you can.
Emily - I’m sad to hear that, I missed your talk last year hope you’re able to pop by as an attendee.

Sorry if I reappeared here a bit late this year we had to find a new venue. We’re also still organising special guests so if anyone has any ideas or contacts please let me know. I actually have a few ideas for some IF related people but its sometimes hard to find up to date info!

Joey, did you wind up going after a slot for this? Or do you want me to pursue trying to put something together, or…?

Thanks for the reminder. Sorry for being MIA. I have asked for a slot on the Saturday for a short talk/discussion entitled Interactive Fiction Today. Just submitted this, so will let everyone know when I have a time, but looking at the schedule, it’d be a late slot.

Okay, sweet. I’ll put something on the meetup site.

Okay gang, so there’ll be a discussion of contemporary Interactive Fiction at Adventure Xat 5.30 on Saturday.

Sweet – thanks, Joey!

Looked at flight-hotel packages (for kicks). Around $1,000 USD for Fri-Mon…very tempting.


Fortunately I’m in London on Saturday. Unfortunately I’m at work. Fortunately I managed to convince my boss that the best location for me to work on that day is the very same street as this event. Unfortunately I have a train to catch before five o’clock. Hopefully will get to slip away for a bit to check some of it out though.

There’ll be demonstration tables where you can wander around and try out game demos and talk to the developers at whatever time. Jon Ingold is giving a talk in the morning which I’d recommend trying to catch if you’re free.

Cheers, I’ll check the timetable. I was sort of planning to knock a load of work out then make an afternoon disappearance but if that’s what you recommend I could just work everything around it.