AdventureWeb Greatly Updated, Added "Cloak of Darkness"

EDIT 11/1/11: For now, I have decided to not make AdventureWeb a general authoring system but simply to use it for my own games and without the “AdventureWeb” name.

I have removed all the links leading to AdventureWeb material, and even removed the content from the web altogether. When the current game project is completed I’ll post it to a new thread.

Meanwhile, I have created the following website explaining how to play the IF games I’ll be creating:


I have greatly updated the AdventureWeb interaction fiction authoring system (it’s now on release 4), and I have uploaded an example game: Cloak of Darkness. (A member of the forums here suggested I build this as my example game.)

(Note: the web host will sometimes tell you the file or the graphics aren’t there. Just hit refresh until they are.)

Here’s a link to AdventureWeb:
EDIT: Removed Link

(Before playing the game, PLEASE read the AdventureWeb document. It explains how to play an AW game! If you don’t read it you may end up thinking some things are errors when they’re not, or you may be confused as to how to play.)

Here’s a link to Cloak of Darkness:
EDIT: Removed Link

Please let me know what you think!

When I clicked on the inventory description (of something I didn’t have anymore), there wasn’t a link to take me back to where I’d been. The browser back button worked, but you might want to automate that.

Only now have I discovered it’s possible with a very simply JavaScript command to automate such returns. You see, I didn’t do it before because the author can’t know what page the player game from. But with a simple function I can fix that! Awesome! :slight_smile:

And yes, you’re able to view descriptions of items you don’t have anymore or even never had. Again, it’s by necessity. The game has nothing but the simplest HTML put into it and the rules explain how you’re supposed to simply use the “honor system” while playing.