Adventures with multimedia

Hi everybody.

I’d like to know about this system authoring and I want to watch some multimedia examples.
I admit I’ve hardly played TADS works, because my English is poor ands it’s hard to me, but now someone is working on a Spanish library so I’d like to know more about this tool.
I’m lately like to add graphics and sounds to my works, so I’d looking for some TADS adventures with multimedia, but I should try every one to see if it has multimedia.
Can you recommend any?

Thanks and excuse me my bad English.

Try this IFDB search: … ystem:tads

Thank you, It’s just I need. :slight_smile:

In a few weeks you’ll be able to play my new game “The White Bull,” which will be released as part of this year’s Spring Thing competition. It has music and … well, only one graphic, as I was unable to find an artist, but at least there’s one photo at the opening.

This is a TADS 3.1 game, so you’ll need the latest QTads interpreter (or the latest HTML TADS, if you’re using Windows) to play it.

If you have questions about how the music and graphics were implemented, I’d be happy to help.

I’ll play your game, though I’ll need the Google translator help. :slight_smile:
I’m a Linux user, so I use Qtads.
Thanks for your kindness. :slight_smile: