Adventure XT has been disqualified

Adventure XT has been disqualified for containing copyrighted content (Smurfs, in this case).

It’s probably related to it being gone from the vote list now, but the vote page is telling me I have 0 more games to vote on even though I have one left. It might be because I had already put in my vote for Adventure XT, so it’s being factored into the total (27 votes entered, and only 27 games now). Not sure if it’s something fixable (or even worth bothering to fix). I assume it’ll still let me cast the final vote, and just tell me I have -1 games left to vote on?

I had a reply here with a possible solution but as soon as I submitted it, I realized I was misinformed. Isn’t that just how it goes? Since I can’t delete the message I’ll just modify it.

I can always delete a message (I didn’t realize general users were prevented from it). If it happens again, just let me know in a private message or something.

So is that 2 of Paul Panks’ 3 entries that have now been disqualified for one reason or another?

He had a similar problem when Vampyre Cross was dq’d, and fixed it.

I saw the same thing (and never got around to emailing Stephen - bad me), but it let me enter my last vote just the same and cheerfully informed me I had -1 games left to vote on. It can’t be related to AdvXT’s disqualification, though, because I was seeing it long before that. If it was related to Vampyre Cross’s disqualification, you’d think it would have done the same thing for AdvXT and now be subtracting two from the total. I don’t know.

As I said, he fixed the problem caused by Vampyre Cross after I emailed him about it.

Oh, by “he” you meant Stephen Granade! I thought you meant Paul Panks and I was very confused… [emote]Embarassed[/emote]