Adventure X - Adventure gaming con in London December 2013!

We’re back for 2013 please spread the word and support us if you can!

AdventureX returns for its third year at the University of East Anglia in London, early this coming December 7th & 8th. It’s an event for adventure game fans, developers and those just curious. Creative people and companies of all types are invited, you’ll bump into game developers, musicians and writers amidst a selection of interesting talks, special guests, game demonstrations and exhibitors.

A little look at what to expect at the 2013 show on December 7th + 8th!

Video-game exhibitors, developers, publishers and related skills
Specialist talks on game design, adventure games & related subjects!
Game demonstrations and hands-on gaming!
Special guest talks and many other surprises!

Video of last year: … iKTYTdA1GE

Guests and speakers:
Special Guests so far:
Charles Cecil, Revolution Software
Steve Ince - Game writer
Jon Ingold, Inkle Studios
Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games
Alasdair Beckett-King - Nelly Cootalot
James Dearden, game designer
Lewis Denby, Owl Cave

Special Guests:
Charles Cecil

Thanks to the support of folks on here for letting me post this ( and indeed the folks from here who took part.) We’re looking to organise again for 2013, we’re looking to run again this time trying to find sponsorship rather than Kickstarter.

Anyway for those wondering what went on here’s a video about last year:

I took a look at the video and it looks like an ace event. I’d love to come this year but I’m prone to forgetting about things so definitely post again when you’ve got more details.

We are running in 2013 December 7th and 8th 2013 in London ( same venue) please see the new site .
We’re currently looking for people to exhibit their games, give talks and take part in panels. We’d also appreciate folks purchasing VIP cards which not only get you a bunch of games, but also helps fund the event. We’re also looking for sponsors for anyone who would like to pay a bit more and have their game or brand represented during the event or during the livestreams.

If you can’t afford to contribute financially that’s fine too, entry is free so please feel free to come along yourself or check out the livestream on the site.
I hope some of you will be able to come along and take part :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

I’ve gone right ahead and bought the VIP card so I’ll definitely be making this. I’ll try to rustle up a few more people to come down with.

It is slightly confusing (or maybe that’s just me?) that you recycled last year’s thread (renamed) to announce it. That way, the initial post says “December (15th & 16th) this year” (referring to 2012), while different dates are found in a later post.

This time, my decision to not attend was easy, but it’s not because I don’t want to. I’ll be working on the 7th. (It’s one of the most intense working days of the year for me.) But maybe next year? (And if I can manage to work on it regularly, I should have finished, or almost finished, my current WIP by then.)

Say now, you need to give us some time to record the voices!

I was talking about next year. It’s going slower than I’d hoped.

Trumgottist > Sorry for the confusion, I thought a few people like Joey might be subscribed to the thread and I didn’t want to have two threads going, I’ve edited this so it should be a bit easier to read. Sorry to hear you can’t make it. We’re trying our best to get the livestream working this year so hopefully if you end up with a few mins spare you can check out some of the video from the event. We’e looking to try twitch this year so I believe it auto archives the videos too.

Joey > Thanks for the support, I hope you enjoy the event and your games.

I wanted to chip in and say - I went last year, and it was fun.


Thanks Jon looking forward to seeing what you’ve been working on :slight_smile:
I’ve updated the first post with a list of speakers so far though do keep in mind this may change closer to the date. There is still exhibition space so please spread the word to anyone you know working on a project ( as well as composers, artists etc). An extra game and a discount code have also been added to the VIP card since I last posted.

Hope you’ll all forgive the bump, but AdventureX is fast approaching. I’m pleased to announce our Sunday special guests are Mark Estdale ( game casting director) and Tim Child creator of Knightmare. Keep an eye on this thread as I’ll try to update with more speaker details once the schedule is published.

Nothing to forgive - thanks for keeping us informed!

Ah damn. I’m moving to Cambridge one week before Adventure X. I don’t think I’ll be able to attend however (the first weekend after an international move and after the first week at a new job; I’m sure I’ll have a ton of things to take care of) Next year I’ll be interested for sure though!

Totally understandable we should have a live stream ( internet Gods willing) so if you have a net connection sorted you could always pop in and have a look.

Funnily enough I am moving to Cambridge the week after :slight_smile: