Adv3Lite Vesion 1.5 Now Available

A new version of adv3Lite, version 1.5, is now available from

This is mainly a maintentance release, gathering up the various bug fixes and tweaks that have come to light over the last 18 months ago, although there are also a couple of new extensions. For a full list of changes you can consult the change log at

It’s been a while since the previous version, but feedback has been relatively slow. However, it felt that there were now enough changes to justify another release.

Those of you who have been downloading the latest updates from GitHub won’t find much new here, apart from an updated version of the Library Reference Manual (which is probably worth having in any case).

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Super! Thanks, Eric. I’ve just downloaded it.

Whether I’ll ever get back to my WIP is an open question … right now I’m slaving away on a series of fantasy novels. (Maybe someday.) Even so, I appreciate the hard work you’ve put into this project.

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Thanks, Eric!

I updated my library but the version command gives me this:



adv3Lite Library version 1.4
T3 VM (mjr-T3) version 3.1.3[/code] I did get an error when I compiled it (a conflict from a patch from a previous Door bug), so I’m pretty sure I’m using the new library, but the modit.t module appears to be from 1.4.

– Mike

Looks like the one thing (I hope) I forget to change (it being so long since I did the last update). I’ll fix it later today. Thanks for catching it!

I’ve now corrected this and one other minor documentation error so that they’re corrected in the version available for download. If you’ve already downloaded the latest version of adv3Lite it’s probably not worth doing do again to correct these two very minor errors, but you may wish to patch your version. If you wish you can do so by downloading and installing the two files you find there in the appropriate places (replacing the versions you have) or you may just want to patch the two files manually.

At line 601 in modid.t change

version = '1.4'


version = '1.5'

For the other one (also discovered by Mike Sousa), you’d to patch adv3Lite/extensions/docs/symconn.htm.

The error occurs at line 112 where blackDoor1 should read blackDoor. The wider context is:

Using the SymDoor class this could be reduced to this:
 redRoom: Room 'Red Room'
   "A door leads south. "
   south = blackDoor
 blackDoor1: SymDoor 'black door' /* ERROR IN THIS LINE */
    "It's black. "
    room2 = greenRoom
 greenRoom: Room 'Green Room'
   "A door leads north. "

But if you don’t apply the patch by either method the chances of your running into any problems as a result of either error are minimal.