adv3Lite Version 1.0 Now Available

The first non-beta release of adv3Lite (version 1.0) is now available for download from There are only a few minor changes from the last beta version (version 0.92), mainly some bug fixes and corrections to the documentation. The change log may be viewed at

Adv3Lite is an alternative (and in some ways easier to use) library for use with TADS 3. For further information see

If you’ve been considering using TADS 3 but have been put off by the reputed complexity of its library, or you’re already using TADS 3 and would like to try out an alternative library, do consider giving adv3Lite a go.

Note that this is likely to be the last release for some time, although adv3Lite will continue to be maintained and bug-fix releases will appear as necessary. At this stage I am not planning any further changes to the feature set, although I am always open to suggestions, particular those that might improve ease of use. While I shall probably resist adding any complicating features to the main library, I may well consider implementing them in the form of additional extensions, should either the level of demand or the nature of the requested features appear to justify it.


Congratulations Eric!

Great! Thanks for the hard work, Eric!

Thank you very much!

Great news. Thanks much, Eric, both for the library and for your willingness to help solve problems both library related and otherwise.

And here’s the fruit of that generosity…

…Dark Angel, my debut piece of IF and, just possibly? the first Adv3Lite game off the blocks (excepting, of course, your own tutorial games).