adv3Lite -- Topic suggestions

Here is the scenario:

The Player is engaged in a convnode conversation with an NPC, and there are suggested topics displayed to the Player.

At some point, we’re down to a couple of suggested topics but the NPC will leave on his own after a few turns. If this happens, the Player is then moved to another location with this code:gPlayerChar.actionMoveInto(newroom); gPlayerChar.getOutermostRoom.lookAroundWithin();The newroom is then described, but for that turn, the suggested topics are displayed before the > prompt.

If the Player ends the conversation, then NodeEndCheck canEndConversation(reason) {} is called and cleans up the conversation. But this isn’t executed when the NPC ends it.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to cancel the <.topics> daemon from running that final time if the NPC ends the conversation?


Eric was kind enough to offer a couple of suggestions.

I added gPlayerChar.currentInterlocutor = nil; which is the quick way to say no NPC is currently conversing with the player character.

The proper way – for when an NPC ends the conversation – is to call endConversation(endConvActor); but my WIP must be structured a bit different because it doesn’t quite work the way I need it to.

– Mike