adv3Lite: sayDeparting

Not sure what’s going on here, but I think it may be a library bug. Or just a need for more thorough documentation. When I define a sayDeparting(traveler) for a StairwayDown, no travel message is displayed when the PC uses the stairway. noteTraversal(actor) works fine for this purpose, so I’m wondering if sayDeparting is intended only to be used when an NPC uses the StairwayDown.

That seems to be what the doc says…


Sure, if you look in the right place. Here’s from LearningT3Lite:

And here’s the Library Reference Manual:

Neither of those clarifies that the actor/traveler is an NPC.

Well, there are other places in LearningT3Lite that explain the use of sayDeparting() a bit more fully, but I’ve added a few more words of explanation to the place you cited and to the comments in the library (which get reproduced in the Library Reference Manual), so hopefully this will be clearer in future.