[adv3Lite] Me object as Thing

This may be covered somewhere in the documentation and, if it is, I apologize in advance for posting before doing the necessary research.

I notice in many of the examples for Adv3Lite, the player character object is declared as a Thing, rather than Person or Actor. I see it mentioned that you can do this but I don’t see it mentioned why it makes sense to do so.

It makes sense if you want to exclude actor.t from your game, which you may do either if (a) your game doesn’t want contain any NPCs (so the actor.t module would be redundant) or (b) you want something other than adv3Lite’s implementation of NPCs (and in particular its conversation system) so that you might want to replace actor.t with code of your own devising.

Or, to put it another way, defining the me (or player character) object as a Thing is part of the modularity of the adv3Lite design, since it allows the actor.t module to be optional.