adv3Lite Library Reference Manual

I’ve managed to run the docgen tool against the adv3Lite library to produce an adv3Lite Library Reference Manual, which can be downloaded from This is very similar in format to the Library Reference Manual that comes with TADS 3, but references the adv3Lite library instead of the standard adv3 library. It may prove useful to anyone trying to work with the adv3Lite library.

There are one or two imperfections (for example, the Actions list is blank since adv3Lite defines actions in a slightly different way that the docgen tool doesn’t seem to recognize), but most of what should be there is there. You can in fact look up actions, but for some reason they’re appearing under the functions tab (I imagine because actions defined through macros like DefineTAction(Take) look like functions to docgen); for now it may be better to use the Actions reference in the adv3Lite Manual to look up information about specific actions. For just about anything else, the Library Reference Manual should be fine.

To use the adv3Lite Library Reference Manual, unzip it to a convenient location (such as under your adv3Lite directory) and open the index.html file in a web browser.

I’ve been playing with the DocGen program today, and I’ve managed to fix some of the shortcomings with the adv3Lite Library Reference Manual mentioned in my previous post. The Actions index now works properly, a large number of spurious entries have been removed from the Functions index, you can look up VerbRules, and there’s a couple of other minor improvements.

The new improved version of the adv3Lite Library Reference Manual can be downloaded from

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Great! Thanks for doing this…

– Mike