[adv3lite] Getting undefined sym warning compiling with 1.1.

This appears every time I tell TADS to rebuild the T3 file from scratch.

I don’t get this when I do a full recompile for debugging. Is that what you’re doing here?

-pre -v -w1 -D LANGUAGE=english -D MESSAGESTYLE=neu are the command line options I use for my projects. This hasn’t been using the -d option, but using that option as well still results in the warning.

What happens if you use (or rather add) the -a option? This is the one that forces a recompile of all source files, which is what I suspect you need here.

To be clear, I get this warning when compiling from clean (i.e. no pre-existing .t3? files). It gives no warnings for symbol exporting for tokens.t, but on compile.

Using the -a option makes no difference to this.

Ah, I think I can see what’s happening. The tokReal enum is defined in a file outside the adv3Lite installation.

Actually it’s not doing anything, so you can simply ignore the warning if you like. Alternatively, if it’s bothering you and you want to banish it you can get rid of it by editing your copy of tokens.t (under the english directory) to comment out lines 100-101:

//        ['real', new RexPattern('[0-9]+<period>[0-9]+' + endAssert), tokReal,
//            nil, nil],

Not particularly a bother, no, just was wondering if I’d found a bug with 1.1 or not.

Not so much a bug as a semi-implemented feature that got abandoned!

Abandoned, why so?

I got the same warning when compiling with frobTADS, and after searching through all the adv3Lite headers/files, could only find the token in the tokens.h file, so I commented it out. I downloaded the zip from github. Nice to know I did the right thing :slight_smile:

It proved to be an unnecessary and possibly unworkable solution to a problem I solved another way.