[Adv3lite] Conceptual Question: Doers

This is really just a question of curiosity: why are Doers not called Rules?

Here’s the reason I ask:

The word “Doers” just seems a little odd to me. At a glance, it looks like someone misspelled “Doors”. Until I know the context – of something “doing” something – it’s not ever clear that the phrase means “DO-ers.”

The description of this concept says “these are a little like Instead rules in Inform 7, in that they can interrupt the course of an action to stop it in its tracks or make it do something quite different. Like I7 Instead rules, Doers can be applied to specific actions with specific objects under specific circumstances, and are automatically sorted so that more specific Doers take precedence over less specific ones.”

That sounds exactly like a Rule to me and the description even says it is pretty much “like” rules.

So I’m just curious what the design rationale is for the name? Mind, I ask that in a non-leading way. Meaning, I’m not asking just so I can ‘shoot down’ any response. This is a genuine question around a term that just sort of nags at me and is a cumbersome one to introduce people to, at least in my experience.

The reason it’s called a “Doer” is simply that this was a feature adv3Lite inherited from Mike Roberts’s work on the Mercury library, and at the time it never occurred to me to change the name. I think Mike may have called it a “Doer” because he envisaged it doing more of the work of carrying out actions than is the case in adv3Lite.