[Adv3Lite] Aware Vehicles (New Extension!)

Hello!! I have another code page, straight from my labs!!
For now, this is just for Adv3Lite; I don’t (yet) know enough about Adv3 to port this over. Sorry!

Does your horse like to hop onto desks, causing you to completely lose track of your place in the world? Hear it from some of our recent customers:

“Why, me horse keeps jumpin’ on the bed while I’m tryin’ to leap out the window, like a proper action hero! But…well, y’see, I know he hops on the bed, but me eyes only see me bedroom, ye? The krattin’ beast could be on me trophy shelf, for all I know! It’s like I’m still plainly on the floor, though! Right nauseatin’, that is!”
— Hebby-Bo-Bop “The Hap-Happinap” Po-Krado-Kap (Action Extraordinaire)

“Well, uh, I don’t really have a horse, um… But I got this exo-suit. It’s not too big, and it fits in the usual garage doors, and such. It’s all armored in a ceramic diamond weave, so I can’t really put a window anywhere. I got this headset, though, and it takes data from a few external sensors (with redundancies, of course). But…I get…lost? Like…I was trying to walk my suit onto the repair pad, but then…it looks like I’m still on the hangar floor. I feel like it’s gotta be a bug, right? But I’ve searched every bit of hardware, firmware, and software on this thing, and it should work just fine. I dunno…”
— Emily “NightShell” d’Alhelia (Engineer, Mercenary)

“Stranger! I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been stuck on this dragon for days!! I could’ve sworn I landed her on a big boulder, somewhere on this shoreline, but it’s like she’s just sitting on the sand! I know that can’t be, though! I tried getting off, but then the boulder is suddenly there, and there’s not really enough room for both of us! I swear to Skallahye, it feels like some wizard has me warded… That, or this rock’s cursed… Hey, could you spare some food? I’m starving, and I’m worried that my girl’s gonna eat me, sooner or later…”
— Finn “Dragon Eye” MacWeald (Beast Trainer, Explorer, Bard)

Sound like you?? Well, worry no more! With Inventor’s Aware Vehicles, you can see your position on/in a vehicle, in addition to your vehicle’s position in the room!

Are you on a dragon on a rock?

Yes!!! Help me!!”
— Finn “Dragon Eye” MacWeald (Beast Trainer, Explorer, Bard)

Just include this extension, and your status line will go from…

The Shoreline (on the dragon)


The Shoreline (on the dragon, which is on the boulder)

Praise be to Skallahye!!! Thank you! Now I can continue my quest!! If it’s not too much to ask…do you have any spare food, as well…?”
— Finn “Dragon Eye” MacWeald (Beast Trainer, Explorer, Bard)

Other examples include…

Me Bedroom (on me horse, which is on me bed)

“Yee-skippiddee!! Let’s rock!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” (window shattering sounds)
— Hebby-Bo-Bop “The Hap-Happinap” Po-Krado-Kap (Action Extraordinaire)

And this extension features flexible formatting!

The Hangar (in the exo-suit) (on the repair pad)

Finally!!! See?? I knew I had built this correctly! Turns out my reality was wrong! …Actually, that’s a little more concerning. Hey, wait! Where are you going?”
— Emily “NightShell” d’Alhelia (Engineer, Mercenary)

Check it out on my GitHub!!

(This extension—like my other one—uses the Unlicense license, so feel absolutely free to innovate, change, expand, or specialize this extension, and publish your results! Sharing is caring!)


I was picturing this as a live presentation, with you on stage pointing to a big screen showing a reporter on the scene interviewing the witnesses. Very funny.


Very nice. I struggled with a vehicle in my Ectocomp submission. Next time this may make it easier.

Thank you for sharing.


you should also upload it in the proper repository, that is, ifarchive.org

Congrats and

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Ohhhhh I didn’t know about this! Thank you!