Adv3Lite 2 bug

Hi all.

Found a small bug in CleanWith in 2.0. It’s in the 1.6X version as well. You probably don’t see it unless your first action that uses an iobj is clean x with y.

I think CleanWith should keep the default resolveIObj = true because in the dobjFor of CleanWith verify it references the iObj.

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What’s the problem you’re getting here? I tried it just now and I don’t get an error. Could you give me more precise details of the circumstances in which you encountered this error?

The dobjFor of CleanWith references gVerifyIobj which avoids any run-time error.

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My sincere apologies, I had my versions of TADS confused. It only happens in 1.6X. Going back and forth between the versions I got confused.


Ok. I’m glad we got that cleared up, and thanks for taking the trouble to report it in any case!

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