ADRIFT WebRunner

Those who visit the ADRIFT Adventures page will now notice a small, green play button next to the names of non-zipped games. This button initiates online play. The feature is “still in its infancy,” as Campbell has put it, but anyone willing to give it a whirl and provide some response would be quite welcome.

You forgot to provide a URL., for the interested. Then click on “Adventures.” The green arrow will launch a game in the WebRunner.

I don’t see any green arrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently, you need to be logged in for the arrows to appear.

I’m afraid I don’t see any green arrows either?

(Obviously, I crossposted with Campbell.)

If ADRIFT games can be played over the web, why not release the source code so that the ADRIFT Runner apps can be updated?

WebRunner now displays a map showing the current player’s location. This can be collapsed if desired.