Adrift V.5 Intro comp.

Sorry about this folks… Had my mind some where else.

The V.5 has been out for quite a while now, and although there are some issues I believe that it’s good enough to use for writing a game.
And since things have been quiet around here for too long now, I have decided to stir up the waters a bit by launching the V.5 intro competition.

The voting is open and although there’s not that much time left (Saturday 29 Sept) if you have a minute or two, give it a go.
The games are maximum 4 locations, so it’s not as if it’s going to take forever to give them a go.
There are 6 games in all and they can be found here:
Category: Competition
Name: Adrift V.5 intro Comp 2012

Link to the games here. Details about voting can be found here.

If you’re an ADRIFT forum member, the game pages will have links to play online.