ADRIFT Stay-at-home Escape COMP

Hello Wider IF Community.
We’ve started a small comp on the ADRIFT boards as a result of the stay-at-home orders affecting many of us. The challenge is to build a game with the theme of ESCAPE, but to build a narrative game, not an escape-room puzzlefest (though this does not preclude the use of puzzles).

You can see the announcement here:
We’ll begin on the 18th and end on the 19th…two days to make a game.

The comp will be judged using ADRIFT’s star rating system, so we’re here to solicit designers or judges.


Comp is done, and we have three entries for you to rate! The “Play online” button should work for each, and happily each game is very different in terms of style, genre, and interactivity.

Dreamspun (By Mizal)
A goddess must escape a castle built of dreams to reach the mortal world again.

Penrhyn - Burning Skies (By DazaKiwi)
Set in a fictional steampunk world where cities have large special glass domes to protect them from the scorching sunlight. Everything appears normal but not every machine runs perfectly nor can last. A plot is a foot, hidden in the smog, in the darkness.

I Summon Thee! (By Theodidactus/William Dooling)
Walpurgus Night, 1951: Duncan MacDevon’s manor near Chillingham Castle has played host to numerous dilettantes and eccentrics over the years…but none quite like tonight. On this historic evening, the occultists Graves, Corely, and Clark have summoned up something…horrible…in the manor tower. An ancient evil has escaped! Now cooks and constables, occultists and heiresses, servants and sorcerers must band together to stop it before it leaves the manor grounds and consumes the planet.

Will our heroes succeed, or will they succumb to gibbering terror and soul-rending madness? Honestly, you’re hoping for the latter. In this game, you don’t play the hero. You play the elder thing they’ve called up.

…happy hunting!

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