ADRIFT site down

It looks like UK2 have brought my site down. Performance was atrocious on it, and they seem to be blaming me. I was in the middle of doing some analysis which pointed the finger elsewhere, but hey ho.

Needless to say, I’ll be finding a new home for the site just as soon as I can so I am not at the mercy of some imbecile who doesn’t know how to do their job properly.

So much for paid hosted solutions… :frowning:

That’s horrible. But, ah, clarification for us net-unsavvies, what do you mean by performance?

Also, you were paying them for the service and they just terminated you like that?


Well, it was on a shared server. Someone was using massive CPU and so everything was slowing down (took about 15 seconds for one of my pages to load), so it looks like the administrators have panicked and disabled loads of accounts.

Am hoping it will be back soon, but I’ve raised a critical support issue and haven’t had a response back yet. Very uncool.

Just checkde the Adrift site, and it’s back up and running…

Yep, just back up. Took a call on the 50p a minute helpline to get them to look at my support call. Grrr…

Sounds like a good idea to shop around for another provider even though it’s back up now. Since the two most important things (IMHO) for a good web hotel to have are good service and knowledgable technicians, and your description makes it seem they’re lacking in both areas. That’s not acceptable. I’m on a budget web hotel since several years, and my experience has been much better than that.

Looks likes the site is down again. :cry:

Sorry, should be sorted now.

Looks like its down again. I’ve been trying since about 11:30am in Sydney (that’s about 12:30am in the UK)
Hope its not the same problem again. Any idea what’s up?

Just tried again and it appears to be up again. :confused:

Virgin Media is what’s up. Would be nice if they could provide a reliable connection. :frowning: