ADRIFT site currently down

There appears to be a problem with the domain which covers the main downloads site as well as the ADRIFT Forum. It had bee down since yesterday and an email to Campbell Wild was returned as undeliverable.

If people are needing to download the ADRIFT program files they should be able to locate them at

Most game files can be found on

Hopefully this will not last for too long.

His cat’s probably been gnawing on the Adrift cable again. :frowning:

Yes, very annoying. Unfortunately I’m not at home so can’t see what’s wrong with the server, but it looks as though there may have been a power outage as I cannot connect to any machines on my network. I’m back on Saturday, so looks like it might be down until then. :frowning:

Guess we’ll just have to cope till then, but it will be a strain stopping the reflex action to click on the link.

Well, at least it’s coming back. Though this means a whole extra day to wait for the Hourglass results announcements.

On the plus side, maybe that bonus day will give folks a chance to add to the vote total.

Ok, the site should be back now. :slight_smile:

Thank you, that’s the magic of Campbell!

Now all you have to do is complete Adrift 5. :laughing:


No . . . wait . . . it’s broken again.

Stupid internet. Making me do work at work.

Oh well, looks like we have to hope it does sort out when Campbell gets back tomorrow.

At least it gives me an extra day or so to think about the September Writing Challenge.