ADRIFT Review Comp 2011

So, the ADRIFT community has been holding a competition for reviews of some ADRIFT games released between 2000 and 2010 that currently have no reviews on the ADRIFT site. If you might be interested, check here for original thread including rules. I suppose this competition was never announced here, being caught in the ADRIFT bubble. Currently, it ends September 24th, but could probably be extended if injected with some participation.

Anyway, just thought I’d throw that out there, I guess.

That’s an interesting idea. Reviewing is often a tedious and thankless task that deserves some recognition. The competition format could help some potential reviewers decide what to play and review.

ADRIFT Review Comp 2011 voting has started. Please drop by and cast your vote here. Remember, the purpose of this competition is to vote for the best written review, as opposed to voting for the games in question.

Overall, the competition produced 5 total reviews for its selection of games (though more were written over this period, not all were for the games chosen for this comp), 1 of which has been withdrawn by its author (David Whyld’s review of Twilight) and 1 of which is scheduled for an update which will replace it (my review of S Tar Dus T). It is unfortunate that only half of the selection of games offered were reviewed, and none of them received a rating of 3 stars or above. C’est la vie, though I suppose this may be a contributing factor in why some of them hadn’t gotten reviews in the first place.

Still, it’s likely there are some good ones in the list that just didn’t get played. If you’re interested, the ones that went unreviewed are:

•2000: The Twilight
(reviewed, but its review was pulled by the author upon realizing the game is playable only in ADRIFT 3.8)
•2002: Scene of the Crime
(vintage David Whyld detective comedy)
•2003: Humbug
(adaptation of Graham Cluley’s game into ADRIFT by Campbell Wild)
•2004: Shards of Memory
(a serious fantasy offering by David Whyld)
•2007: Jonathan Grimshaw: Space Tourist
(a sci-fi comedy by Ren)
•2008: Hunting Ground
(dark & twisted assassinate your whole family adventure with some objectionable content by Dannymac247)
•2010: Yon Astounding Castle of some Sort
(the Post-Comp-Comp 2009 edition of some rather silly, irritatingly written blathering by Tiberius Thingamus)

… right-o, that’s all!