Adding to the inherited set action on dials

Hi there,

I have a couple of dials in the project I’m working on. I like the basic dial functionality, but instead of simply saying “OK, the dial is set to XX,” I would like to add in some narration. Something along the lines of “With great effort, you turn the dial to XX.”

Some basic function, just different wording.

Would anyone be able to tell me how to implement this (or, perhaps even better, point me to a resource that can tell me how to do this)?


Just define the following method on the dial:

        return 'With great effort, you turn the dial to <<setting>>. ';

The place I looked for to find this out was the Library Reference Manual, where it can be figured out from the way the Dial class (and its parent Settable class) is defined. It helps to be familiar with the discussion of library messages in the TADS 3 Technical Manual, though that alone won’t give you everything you need to know for this case. The discussion of message properties at the start of chapter 13 of Learning TADS 3 (pp. 198-201) may also be of some help. But there’s nothing that deals with this specific case.