Adding Stuff to the Status Bar (the mystery deepens)

In researching possible answers to falmon’s question about adding stuff to the status bar, I’ve run up against something that I don’t understand. I’m able to create an entirely new banner below the status bar, but the functions provided in the tads-io article in the System Manual seem not to work for the main status bar. Here’s my test code, which I’m calling from an action block that is absolutely known to run when asked to do so:

bannerClear(statuslineBanner.handle_); bannerSetScreenColor(statuslineBanner.handle_, ColorRed); bannerSay(statuslineBanner.handle_, 'Whaaat??? ');
This compiles without errors or warnings, but does nothing. I’m sure this is probably user error … but the nature of the error is not clear to me.

But wait – there’s more! The LRM page for statuslineBanner mentions a setColorScheme() method, which in the library makes use of the statusbg and statustext values. But these symbols are not listed in the LRM at all, nor anywhere in the library files, as far as I can see, so their meanings and how one might substitute some other values are not at all clear. The constants ColorStatusBg and ColorStatusText are defined in tadsio.h, but these are not the symbols used in setColorScheme().