Adding metadata

I have a Glulx game written in I6 which has images in addition to cover art, and I’d like to make a nice blorb file that includes not just these images, but the iFiction metadata that interpreters nowadays can read. I tried using the Inform application (5Z71) to do this, as per §22.14. However, I get the following error, in the file auto.inf:

# Error:  An array may not have 0 or fewer entries

And even if this worked, it would not add the other images that I need in the blorb file, so I’d need a way of doing that. I tried editing the Release.blurb file directly and then running the cBlorb application manually. However, I get the following error:

Release.blurb, line 3: Error: not a valid blurb command: 'variable [RELEASE] = "1"' 

There are also similar errors for all the other variable commands as well as the destination command. These are actually warnings, since the program does in fact make a blorb file for me, but as a result of considering these commands to be invalid, the metadata is absent from the blorb, although the images are correctly added.

I also tried using the ‘babel’ program from the Treaty of Babel. After compiling it with gcc on Mac OS X 10.4.11, I ran the command babel -blorb, supplying the story file, iFiction file (as generated by the Inform app) and cover art. After fixing an error apparently caused by the iFiction file’s having two ifid tags inside the identification tag, I managed to generate a blorb file, but the metadata does not show up in Zoom (but it does in Spatterlight). But I don’t know how to add the other blorb resources with their appropriate resource numbers - does anyone know?

So, have I discovered lots of bugs in all these programs, or am I doing something wrong?

(I posted this on r.a.i-f as well).