Adapting your story to the limitations of the medium

Well, my bad. I didn’t know the full story, should have trusted others’ experience.

Thanks for the explanations. Clearly, we have some ace detectives here!

I didn’t see that one coming! Now my first post seems like a fish out of water! :blush:

Well, I’m not that familiar with Richard Powers’s Galatea 2.2 so I wouldn’t be able to say either way. I’d say that Galatea is based on the Pygmalion and Galatea story in Greek Mythology, especially as it involves a statue.

It’s not a derail if you start the thread with the intent of trolling. :confused:

Anyway, I repeat my earlier preference for throwing posts (or threads) into a dungeon rather than deleting them. We now have a bunch of people talking to air – or ganging up on air – and it’s impossible for a new viewer to tell what happened.

(Alternatives: moderators hide blocked posts in some way to defuse troll-potential while still leaving them accessible to history. Spoiler-tag, rot13, and deleting vowels are all ways of doing this.)

Oh, that’s right, I actually forgot he started the thread.

I can still see all pete’s posts, though, except for the first one which got deleted by accident.

Oh, hm. You’re right.

Okay, then, I repeat my support for the excellent policy of not deleting posts. :slight_smile:

We had a similar problem at a forum I’m a member of. It was so similar to what is happening here, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were dealing with the same individual. It boils down to this: how to kill that which has no life? This individual’s tactic was to slowly chip away at the forum. He had all the time in the world to create new accounts and use them to make sure the very mention of certain names and topics would get one instantly banned. Everything he touched was shut out of public discourse. Here is how we solved it. Since Internet trolling is illegal in the UK and we knew this person’s real identity, we filed a complaint with the legal authorities in his jurisdiction and the trolling stopped.

Or you could adapt your moderation policies so that dealing with one single person doesn’t shut out entire topics of discourse.

You can try to push the story and the medium to their maximum possibilities. Especially if you decide your restrictions ahead of time.