Adapting RPG adventures to IF


i would to like to start learning how to write IF using Adrift.

To create my first experimental game i want to take any free RPG short adventure and adapt it to IF.
I just want to start with small adventures (i have a few ones, 4 to 8 pages lenght only, including maps).
The adventures happen in little dungeons/villages with few rooms (6 to 10 rooms only).

What do you think about that?

Sounds good to me.

One short game you might like to play to get some ideas is this, … rince.html

I need some advice please.

The RPG adventure i want to adapt starts in a little town close to the sea, and the adventure starts after travelling to an Island

What is the best way to “connect” the town to the island?. I think i cannot say “The Island is to the North of the town” and connect both directly (allowing tghe player to write “go north” and appearing in the island magiacally). I think there is needed mor interaction, or things have to be done in other ways.

May be making the player using the “boat” to travel to the island (something like TRAVEL TO ISLAND).

Sorry for my bad English, i was born in Venezuela and i live in Portugal, so i only speak well Spanish and Portuguese.

@George: i am playing the game but have not finished it yet. It works a little bit different from the other few games i have played. I will continue playing and its a good source to learn. Thanks


In my first game I had exactly the same problem (well, traveling from a ship to an island).

I used an object “boat”, initially on the ship, which was defined as an “enterable container”, see here: (check out the source code!). Movement between the ship, the island, and the connecting “rooms” (parts of the ocean) was only possible if the player was inside the boat object.

It’s a bit fiddly, because you have to test the conditions for each room, and I’m sure there are better ways to implement a vehicle, but it was workable, and I think it “plays” nice.

I used Inform 6, if that helps any.

Feel free to ask for details,



Using a container is a good way to implement the ship to travel to the Island.

I will start programming the game and if i need more help, will come here.


Feel free to ask any ADRIFT specific questions over on the ADRIFT forum too, as there may be experienced users there who don’t visit over here.