adapting Parchment

I am embedding a parchment interpreted story inside a web page of my own. I’ve stripped the css down to the “mobile” version, and put the relevant part of the play.html file inside a div. Everything is working fine, except that the white on black stripe with current location kind of scrawls across the page. Is there a switch you can set in the parchment variables to eliminate the stripe? For that matter, is there a user manual for Parchment?

There’s no manual, I’m afraid. I have some experience in hacking the Parchment display system but it’s very out of date.

If you’re using Zcode, it’s relatively easy to write a game that omits the status window entirely:

Include (-
[ DrawStatusLine; ];
-) before "Printing.i6t".

(Unfortunately the “constructing a status line” activity isn’t really suitable for this, and Glulx is messy for its own reasons.)

You could also use a CSS property to make the status-window divs invisible.

I realised I hadn’t brought the wiki pages over from the old Google Code site (and they weren’t displaying properly there any more) so I’ve just done so:

Now for us to help you really need to give us a URL so we can see what problems you’re having.

Thanks, zarf,

It had never occurred to me to remove the status line altogether… Doh.

I’m using Inform 7, and I see there’s a Remove Status Line extension, which I’ll try tomorrow.

Thanks, Dannii. Right now the game is still on the drawing board, and I think zarf’s suggestion will deal with the status line problem I’d perceived. Inform 7’s default deployment of Parchment actually works very well, and the status line was more of a blemish than a bug. However, the options you’ve documented may come in useful later in development.

In due course, the game will appear as a ‘story’ in Mythaxis Magazine, so the Mythaxis banner will be across the top of the page, and the sidebar will remain in place.

Well, I found the Status Line Removal extension, and included it. It works a treat. Thanks, all. Problem solved.