Adam Cadre's "Ask Tell"

Ok, I need to poke some gentle fun at Adam’s Ask/Tell podcast series.

Nothing heavy but nonetheless let me stress that I’m enjoying listening to them, I’ve always enjoyed Adams work and look forward to many more… Hopefully(!), which brings me to my ‘gentle fun poking’…

Listening again to the intro to Ep.1 Adam says that he wants to use the Podcast series to review IF from each year, starting in 2002, to present day and essentially get up to speed on “current IF” so he can comment on it authoritatively. All good, except…

It was started in 2015, we’re only on episode 11 having covered 2002-2005… So that’s 5 years to cover 4 years of IF work! On those maths he is NEVER going to get up to date!

Anyways, like I say, I enjoy listening (and re-listening) to them, I just wish he would crank them out a little faster! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Reminds me of the “Tristrapedia” from Tristram Shandy, and indeed Tristram Shandy itself.

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