Actually Definitely Reviewing Every Game This Year Advice

Last year I tried and failed to play and review every game in the comp. I managed to review only four of the 35 games, and a few more for the XYZZY awards. I’d like to do better this year. I’d like to review all the games. I want your advice on how I might actually definitely do this.

I’ve realised the following from last year:

  • Putting all the games in a huge long list is not terribly conducive to my motivation
  • If I don’t do it fast enough, I’ll inadvertently learn about which games people didn’t like and then my eagerness to give these games a try becomes somewhat diminished
  • Although it’s personally enriching to come to a greater understanding of a work, it takes a lot of time. More than just the two hours allotted by the comp and there are other commitments competing for my time.

So any advice? I know some of you are pretty good at this.