Activities with results

I was thinking that there weren’t any activities where the result of the rulebook was checked, but it turns out there is one: Deciding whether all includes.

There’s no invocation of it in the Standard Rules, so I assume it’s called from I6.

What I want to know is, is it possible to invoke an activity from I7 and remember the result of the “for” rulebook?

Does it work to check “if rule succeeded” afterwards?

Doesn’t look like it:

[code]Test is a room.

Detecting shenanigans on something is an activity on objects.

When play begins:
Repeat with item running through things:
carry out the detecting shenanigans on activity with item;
if rule succeeded, say “Shenanigans on [the item].”;
otherwise say “No shenanigans on [the item].”;

For detecting shenanigans on the player: rule succeeds;

There is a ball. For detecting shenanigans on the ball: rule fails;[/code]

Extrapolating from the whether-all-includes code, I’d try this:

Include (-
[ CarryOutActivityRes A o rv;
    BeginActivity(A, o);
    ForActivity(A, o);
    rv = RulebookSucceeded();
    EndActivity(A, o);
    return rv;

To decide whether carrying out the (A - activity on nothing) activity results:
    (- CarryOutActivityRes({A}) -).
To decide whether carrying out the (A - activity on value of kind K) activity with (val - K) results:
    (- CarryOutActivityRes({A}, {val}) -).

This is untested, and must count as an undocumented I7 feature to begin with.