Actions using three things...

How would I implement the following?

Foo Z with Y
Foo X with Y using Z

Would I have to implement using Z separately?

Use Z
Foo X with Y
Stop using Z

David C.

It’s possible to have three-noun actions using a custom Understand token, as so:

The third noun is an object that varies. The third noun variable translates into I6 as "third".

The understand token third something translates into I6 as "THIRD_NOUN_TOKEN".

[cf. DM4, p. 489]

Include (-
Global third;
-) after "Definitions.i6t".

Include (-
    x  =  ParseToken(ELEMENTARY_TT,  NOUN_TOKEN);
    if  (x  ==  GPR_FAIL  or  GPR_REPARSE)  return  x;
    third  =  x;  return  GPR_PREPOSITION;

Fooing it with is an action applying to two things. Understand "foo [something] with [something] using [third something]" as fooing it with.
The fooing it with action has an object called the foo implement (matched as "using").
Setting action variables for fooing:
    now the foo implement is the third noun.

Before fooing the bar with the baz using the quux...

Note, however, that the third noun is not part of the action per se.

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