action words

does anyone have a list of action / prompt words? I am very new to this and trying to imagine the questions possibly asked by a gamer.

What you need is “The Inform Handbook” by Jim Aikin.

Page 126 starts the chapter on actions. I can’t find the link to it right this second, but it is a free pdf download.

Also, you can compile any game, then click on the “Index” tab… then the “Actions” button. There will be a very long list there… scroll down… you will see it.

Edit to add: Click on the magnifying glass next to the action… it will take you to the “parent” action if there is one (carry to take for example). Click on the magnifying glass next to a “parent” action (take in this example), and it will take you to a full description of it and how it can be used.

Thanks… I bookmarked it this time for future needs. Personally, I printed it out. I never thought about referring others to it in the future.

Again, thanks!