About the >| and general appearence

When releasing the game for the web, it irritates me a bit that the blinking cursor is placed below the >, like this:


Is there any way to fix this? I think it would be nice to have the | placed to the right of the >

Also, is it possible to create themes, so that the colors, fonts, etc. can be adjusted?

I don’t see this behaviour. For me, either the blinking cursor is in the usual place, or it’s missing entirely. Either on Parchment or Quixe. I just tried both in Firefox. Does the same issue occur for you when you try to play other people’s Inform games online?

What browser and which interpreter (Parchment or Quixe)?

I had a bit of trouble finding online games, but the one I found didn’t have that issue. Guess I messed up somehow …

browser: Firefox and IExplorer (My game don’t work in Opera, for whatever reason)
Interpreter: Parchment

You might want to try to update the Parchment that comes with I7. It’s a bit old and I seem to remember older versions had that problem.

This happens to me sometimes when I’ve had my browser open too long/too many tabs and Javascript and Flash are flaking out all over. (At least that’s my amateur diagnosis.)

Juhana, thanks for the tip! But exactly how do I update Parchment? I tried visiting code.google.com/p/parchment but I only got confused …

I figured out that there is a link to a .zip with Parchment here:

But what do I do with that file?

Inside it is a folder called Parchment. Put that in your Inform folder. Check the manual cause I can’t remember exactly where to put it.

Thanks! It would be logical to put it into “C:\Program Files (x86)\Inform 7\Interpreters” … dammit, It didn’t help :frowning:

Hi Spoff, I am not a WIndows user, but I downloaded the latest Parchment update from the Inform 7 site and poked around inside. I found a README file (oddly, to me, the extension for that file is .md instead of .txt although it is an ordinary text file). The contents of the file appear to be installation instructions for both PC and Mac. Here are the contents in their entirety, hope this helps…

[code]Parchment for Inform 7

This is the template used for producing custom Parchment sites in Inform7.

To upgrade your template, download the zipball, unzip it onto your computer, and copy the Parchment folder to your Inform Templates folder. (On a Mac, this is the Library/Inform/Templates folder in your home directory. On Windows, it’s My Documents\Inform\Templates.)[/code]

Sounds like you have already downloaded the zip archive. So, move its ‘Parchment’ directory to ‘My Documents\Inform\Templates’ I guess…? Worth a shot.

… and it WORKS!


No worries, glad I could help.

By the way, which interpreter are you people using? Parchment or Quixe?

Hey, this thread is pretty useful! Thanks, everyone, and especially to Spoff (for asking all these questions so I wouldn’t have to).

Should I follow the same troubleshooting steps for the following? When I play most games on parchment (I use chrome), I see the status bar. When I tried out my new IF (castronegro) I don’t see the status bar. I notice that game is a blorb. Does that have anything to do with it? Sorry, I’m not great at most software issues. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

Parchment doesn’t fully support Glulx yet, but hopefully that will change in the coming weeks.

Thanks. :slight_smile: