About action restrictnig.

Hi, guys, can anyone answer me:

How to restrict all actions except a group: “waiting”, “looking”, “examining” and “takining a rock”?

“Instead of doing something other than waiting, looking, examining or taking a rock” is not working.

Yep, that’s not allowed; see section 7.8 of Writing with Inform:

You could try using a kind of action, as in 7.15:

Looking is permissible action. Examining is permissible action. Waiting is permissible action. Taking a rock is permissible action. First instead of doing anything when the current action is not permissible action: say "no."

(I said “first” so this rule will happen before any of the other blocking rules like “block waving.” In the older version of Inform you used to be able to write “Instead of not permissible action” but now you can’t; you might be able to do that again in a future version.)

You could also write two separate rules, one that blocks every action but taking, examining, waiting, and looking, another that blocks taking when the noun is not a rock:

[code]First instead of doing anything other than taking, examining, waiting, or searching: say “no.”

First instead of taking when the noun is not a rock: say “no.”[/code]

Thanks a lot.