Abbreviating commands

In one of my works in progress, I’ve been trying to eliminate some of the blank lines between text by inserting paragraph break instead of a couple of blank lines, but typing paragraph break over and over again is a pain. Is there a way of abbreviating it to something shorter? I had a look through the documentation but couldn’t find anything obvious about it.

Maybe try:

To say pb: say "[paragraph break]".

Then just use [pb] instead.

To say pb – running on: say “[paragraph break]”.

You should be able to say paragraph break instead of saying “[paragraph break]” in your new, shorter phrase. I don’t know if there’s a significant difference.

You might as well not stick a phrase inside a phrase. Copy it straight from the Standard Rules:

To say pb -- running on:
        (- DivideParagraphPoint(); new_line; -).

I have an extension which implements a bunch of HTML-style tags, including [p]. Let me see if it’s on GitHub or not.

Thanks. I knew there’d be an easy way of doing it.